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Legacy and Planned Giving

When you make plans for a bequest in support of Tompkins County Public Library, you are making a commitment to future generations and to our community. Think of all of the treasures in Tompkins County that you enjoy every day that are the result of someone, long ago, choosing to secure the existence of something meaningful to them. 

What does TCPL mean to you?

Many people have fond memories of visiting their local public library as children. Those with children may also recall the joy of introducing them to the riches of the colorful bookshelves, the shared experience of storytime, and the support of trained librarians. Perhaps you are proud of the way TCPL maintains space for civic discourse, participation in the democratic process, and a collection that aims to be unbiased and reliable. Perhaps you find comfort in the fact that the Library's position as a community hub means that anyone can go there for protection from the elements, for a quiet place to work or meet, or for access to the internet and research databases. Perhaps you have your own reasons for believing in the power of the public library, and in TCPL in particular.

Whatever your reasons, ensuring that TCPL has a place in your planned giving is a great way to express your values and to give something back to an institution--and a community--that has nurtured you throughout your lifetime.

If you'd like to discuss how to include TCPL in your will, please contact Kerry Barnes at or 607 275-1532.

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