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Business Partnerships

It's a natural fit--your business and TCPL! Your business keeps an eye on the needs of your customers and responds. TCPL is the same way. And there are many mutually beneficial reasons to support TCPL.

Healthy Libraries are Essential for Healthy Communities--and Businesses

Libraries are lifelines, places that not only offer information, but also inspiration. The Library is a space where people’s lives are changed, I can’t imagine a more critical part of our community to support.
--Dominick Recckio,  Communications Director, Tompkins County Administration

  • Businesses that support TCPL affirm their commitment to the civic life of our community

  • Because TCPL is situated at the heart of our community, it drives business to downtown Ithaca

  • TCPL draws new residents looking to learn more about local opportunities in employment, education, and amusement

  • TCPL helps support and grow an informed, educated, and engaged workforce

  • TCPL supports the educational and civic growth of our next generation of leaders, workers, and citizens

  • TCPL provides access to information, materials, and meeting spaces at no cost

  • TCPL welcomes everyone

How your business can support TCPL

  • Volunteer opportunities for employees, either ongoing or one-time ‘day of giving’

  • Adopt-a-Periodical

  • Collaborations

    • Provide space or publicity for Library programming or Foundation fundraising events

    • Contribute a portion of proceeds or offer a discount on items sold in connection to Library Foundation fundraising events

    • And more!

  • Sponsorships*--help underwrite the costs of

    • Summer Reading Programs


    • Book Clubs

    • Art Exhibits

    • Storytimes

    • National Poetry Month Events

    • Teen/Youth Programming

    • Fundraising events, like our Literati events

    • And more!

  • Establish an endowed or book fund

  • Matching employee gifts

  • Just giving, at any level


We’re happy to tailor opportunities to your business.

* Contact Kerry Barnes at 607 275-1532 or for more info on sponsorship opportunities.

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