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Endowed Funds

Everywhere you look you see the impact endowed funds have on the Library's  collection, programs, and services. Starting one of these funds is a meaningful way to honor or memorialize a friend or family member. Because the funds can be directed to a particular subject or media, or to a library service or programming, they are especially personal at the same time that they are useful.

Why Start an Endowed Fund?

Endowed funds generate annual income that is used in support of the Library, making it a particularly impactful way to contribute to TCPL's long-term sustainability. The assurance that these funds will continue to generate income allows librarians to feel confident ordering materials and planning programs that entertain and enrich our community.

A Sample of Current Funds

How to Participate?

Right now, the Foundation maintains funds for  a variety of purposes and specialties. For example:

  • The Margaret Johnston Hilton Children's Endowed Fund supports arts programming for preschoolers

  • The Sanjay Aneja Memorial Fund is used to purchase books and materials about current socio-political thought in the United States and India, Indian culture, and children's books about India.

  • The Celia M. Cogan "Crooks in Books" Mystery Fiction Book Fund supplies TCPL's shelves with mysteries of all kinds

  • The Peter M. Rinaldo Memorial Endowed Fund focuses on non-fiction adult books in the fields of science, economics, history, and biography.

We established the Library's first collection endowment in memory of our son, Sanjay. A student of history and political science, Sanjay was an activist believing strongly in the need to improve the socio-political status of underprivileged and deprived minorities--so in tribute, we started a book fund to commemorate his passion and ideals. We've contributed annually to the Library ever since, and have also established an additional endowment fund to support the staff professional development. We give because we believe the Library helps us one and all to become more informed and engaged.

-Rajindra and Sarla Aneja

  • Endowed funds require a starting donation of at least $25,000

  • Endowed funds are established in an area determined by the donor

  • An annual amount, predetermined by the donor, will be paid out to the Library annually, to be used in accordance with the donor's wishes, at the Library staff's discretion.

  • Additions may be made to the fund at any time

  • Donors will receive an annual accounting of the way in which the funds were used

To learn more, contact Kerry Barnes at or 607 275-1532.

Current Endowed Funds

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