Welcome to the

Tompkins County

Public Library Foundation!

Welcome to the Tompkins County Public Library Foundation! We sustain and strengthen our library by inspiring community support.

The Foundation serves as a bridge between the library and the community, encouraging engagement through philanthropy and participation.  

Recent News

Giving is Gorges

The 6th annual community fundraising event happened on May 20, 2020

Thanks to your generous gifts, we reached and exceeded our $2,500 goal, raising a total of $3,085 for Tompkins County Public Library. You rock!


The 8th annual out loud reading challenge

to raise funds for Tompkins County

Public Library happened on April 25, 2020


The official numbers are in! Together we raised $22,454 for the 2020 Virtual READATHON!


Want to relive the READATHON? You can still watch the live broadcast here.

Tompkins County Public Library Foundation

PO Box 6727

Ithaca, NY 14851-6727

(607) 272-4557

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