Library Storytellers



(Photo) Melisa works as a library page and is a member of the Art Exhibit Committee of TCPL.

I was born and raised in Ithaca. I was definitely a big book nerd [and] I spent a lot of time in the library. Before I started working here, I was really obsessed with the graphic novels, and now every other book I run across, it’s like, “Oh okay, I guess I’ll take that home.” I’m getting a larger breadth of what’s here now, which is kind of great, but it’s also daunting, because I’m like, “I’m never gonna read all these books!” But I’m getting to know the library even better, which is real cool. 

It’s really great to finally work in a place where I can be as geeky and "little kid" as I feel like I am. Like, [I] totally freak out over Wizarding Weekend and no one is looking down on me, they’re like, “Yeah, this is great, we should freak out over this!” It’s a really, really wonderful atmosphere. And it’s so great to share that with a community that’s equally as excited.