Library Storytellers



(Photo) Grant holds up a glittering gold business card made by etching out a design on paper with the laser cutter in the Makerspace.

I use the library a lot, but I didn’t know about the Makerspace until I ventured in one day. I am a very creative individual and make my own art. The Makerspace has equipment and resources I’d like to learn more about and see whether I can incorporate their uses into my art. It’s like having a box of crayons; you don't have to use just one color. And so these are additional colors/crayons at my disposal. Equipment like the 3D printer and laser cutter were out of my orbit, but because they are available at the Makerspace, I was able to learn and see what they are all about. I got the chance to incorporate my knowledge of computers, software applications, and design, and then adapt them to my current projects and needs. And so I designed and created my own business cards, invitations, and signage all on the laser cutter. The staff and volunteers are helpful and friendly, and the Makerspace is a wonderful resource offered to the public.