Library Storytellers

Gina + Drew


(Photo) Gina (left) and her son Drew stand for a photo in the Teen Center. After confirming with the Volunteer Coordinator, Drew indeed started volunteering when he was 9-years-old.

Gina: When Drew was about 9 maybe?

Drew: No, I think it was 7.

G: No, I don’t think so. So, when Drew was about 9—

D: I was 7.

G: —we were talking about ways to spend your time, I said, "I think you’re at an age where it’s important to start thinking about volunteering." We talked about how you can decide where you’re going to volunteer based on a set of skills that you have, that you specifically have to offer. Or based on organizations that you are particularly enthusiastic about supporting. Or also as a kind of a payback system, things that have benefitted you that you now would give your time to benefit them. I said you should just think through these 3 categories, and think for you what organizations would fall in these 3 categories.

D: I think it was the library for every single one.

G: Yes, that was Drew’s only answer: the library, the library, and the library.