Library Storytellers

Ed + Lisa


(Photo) Lisa (left) and Ed have been longtime Ithaca residents; their use of TCPL dates back to when Lisa was a young child.

Ed: I grew up in rural Chemung County, and I started school in a one-room schoolhouse. There was no library, you know. We had a bookmobile from the Chemung County Public Library, [and] that bookmobile was my link to the outside world quite frankly.

Lisa: I definitely have always felt like books were my connection to the world. My first library memories are of going to the old [Tompkins County] library. That feeling and memory of walking out of the library with stacks of books is supercharged and meaningful to me; it really was my lifeline.

E: We do end up at events sometimes together [at the library].

L: You were cheering me on when I was reading in the freezing cold at the Readathon. Actually, my partner left halfway through and Dad stuck it out. I was like, "There you go!"