Library Storytellers



(Photo) As Alderperson for the 2nd ward of the City of Ithaca, Ducson (pictured here in the Avenue of the Friends) sees the library as a "community nexus." Duscon is also an ambassador for the 2019 Community Read.

I think more than anything the library serves as a community space. So many organizations hold meetings here. Just off the top of my head, TCAT had a Transit Awareness Day where we announced the elimination of Zone 2 fares and the Sunrise Movement held a rally for sustainability in Ithaca. It’s really a centerpiece for community events.

I’ve definitely read comments about how libraries are irrelevant in the 21st century. And I think what’s great about the Tompkins County Public Library is that it has adapted in so many ways. There are many things that I don’t personally use, but I see others use, that really speaks to the variety of ways that the library serves the community. I’ve been borrowing both ebooks and audiobooks a lot. It’s just a really great way to always have a book on you, to be able to listen to a book while I work out or walk to work. It’s a great way to fit reading into your life; that’s what it is for me.