Library Storytellers


(Photo) In just under 4 years of volunteering, Betty has contributed nearly 400 hours to TCPL.

I like volunteering and being wherever I’m needed, I think that’s the volunteer spirit. As a volunteer, I’ve become much more conscious of how diversified our collection is. I used to be pretty narrow-minded about reading mysteries and bios, and now that I see what circulates, it has broadened my interest, and it’s interesting to see what the community checks out. It’s [also] great to look on the shelf because you discover titles you never would have thought of.  I mean that’s another reason why it’s wonderful to have a dictionary and not just look for a word. When you look for a word, you only get that word, but when you look in the dictionary, you see all the words around that word. The library can be intimidating for a lot of people, and especially because ours is so large and full of resources. Some people just don’t explore or don’t feel confident enough to look around. [But] the more you do, the more you find; that’s the whole purpose. 

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