Library Storytellers



(Photo) Alice, pictured above in the Youth Services area, has created programs for tween patrons such as the Tween Book Club and Tween Board Game Club.

I love spending time on the reference desk in the Youth Services department. My favorite requests are from young eager learners. I just had a young person who was about to take a trip through the Bitterroot mountains and wanted to learn more about them, but there were no books on the topic. I helped her to think outside the box, and we researched which state housed the Bitterroots. We then found three great books on Montana that detailed the mountain range and accompanying valley. She was so excited. I love those little moments where we can step in and give just enough assistance to help others on their own personal journey towards greater knowledge.


Every day, TCPL creates a welcoming space where true community can be alive. The longer I live, the more I realize that it’s the connection to our community that makes the journey worthwhile. I want to be a part of this place because of that, and I want to share it with others for that same reason.