As the capstone event to its successful capital campaign, Tompkins County Public Library
will build a “mini-figure”-sized version of the library out of LEGO® bricks. The final
product will be about 6’ by 6’, and will be built over the course of two months by
members of the County community, giving children, families and LEGO enthusiasts of all
ages the opportunity to take part in the excitement of creating a true 21st century library.

When you become a LEGO Build sponsor, you will...


  • Associate your business with a highly visible, one-of-a-kind project capitalizing on the huge popularity of LEGO among builders of all ages

  • Reach a library-going audience of 1,500+ daily visitors and a county-wide audience through prominent publicity efforts

  • Support The 21st Century Library Campaign to equip our public library to meet

    community need’s for books, and beyond, in the digital age

  • Underscore the importance of creativity and play in promoting learning and the public library’s emerging role in encouraging the development of STEM skills



$1,000 minimum

always available

Supporting Sponsors will be listed in a third level on campaign literature, when all Sponsors are listed. Supporting Sponsors will be listed in most, but not all, instances of publicity about the campaign. Sponsor names will appear at the build, most likely on an Acknowledgements Panel, which will be visible to those watching the build inside the library, from outside, and via the webcam that we’ll establish.


$3,000 minimum

6 available

Key Sponsors will be listed in the second line, and will be mentioned regularly in connection with the build. Key Sponsors will be able to sponsor one area of the actual build, with some limitations, and the Key Sponsors’ logo or name will be incorporated into the build.


$7,500 minimum​



Tompkins County Public Library Foundation

PO Box 6727

Ithaca, NY 14851-6727

(607) 272-4557

The Tompkins County Public Library Foundation is an exempt organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code; EIN 16-1422052.

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