Inside Story 2018

This year's Inside Story Event will really give you the "Inside Story" about all TCPL has to offer. There is so much more than books! The new spaces--courtesy of the generosity of donors to the 21st Century Library Campaign--are full of new things for intrepid patrons to explore. At the Inside Story, you will have a behind-the-scenes introduction to all of it. 

The Inside Story is fueled by the enthusiasm of its hosts, who have made TCPL an important part of their community involvement.


This year's hosts:

  • Kris Altucher

  • Annette Birdsall

  • Brett Bossard

  • Caroline Cox

  • Mary and Brad Grainger

  • Sally Grubb

  • Keith Hannon

  • Deirdre Hay

  • Emily Hopkins

  • Marcia Jacobson

  • Julee Johnson

  • Irene Komor

  • Meloney McMurry

  • Nina Miller

  • Greg Morrisett

  • Sarah O'Shea

  • Mickie Sanders-Jauquet

  • Jennifer Schlossberg

The 2018 Inside Story Committee:

  • Tanya Morrisett, Chair

  • Lis Chabot

  • Mary Grainger

  • Mickie Sanders-Jauquet

Tompkins County

Public Library Foundation

Board of Directors:

  • Mickie Sanders-Jauquet, President

  • Irene Komor, Vice President

  • Tanya Morrisett, Secretary/Treasurer

  • Gerald Beasley

  • Lis Chabot

  • Caroline Cox

  • Amy Cronin

  • Keith Hannon

  • Emily Hopkins

  • Marcia Jacobson

  • Rochelle E. Proujansky