Book Funds

Everywhere you look you see the impact book funds have on the Library's  collection, programs, and services. Whether a one-time gift or an endowed fund, this kind of support is important to keeping the Library fresh and responsive to the community's evolving needs. Some of your friends and neighbors may have contributed to book funds, or started one of their own, honoring a friend or memorializing a family member. Some book funds are a result of a bequest. Book funds can also fund programming or career development for library staff. Contact us for more information.

The Daniel R. Schwarz and Marcia Jacobson Library Book Fund

Daniel Schwarz and Marcia Jacobson are longtime supporters of the Library Foundation, and they have made their mark on TCPL in a very personal way through their annual book fund. Each year, they specify a subject area of focus. They also dedicate each year's collection to someone or something they care deeply about. Gifts like this not only allow the Library to expand its collection, but it also allows donors to make their mark on it too.


  • Books on climate change and its effect on our future and the human and natural environment.

  • In honor of those who share our love of reading: Dan’s students and Marcia’s book group


  • Non-fiction books about the changing world in the areas of politics, the environment, health, photography and other arts

  • In honor of David K. Schwarz and Jeffrey C. Schwarz, Dan and Marcia’s sons


  • Books about nature, natural history and the American political process

  • In celebration of their 15th wedding anniversary


  • Books on Africa, including history, politics, literature, art, culture, natural history, and travel and exploration

  • In memory of Marcia's parents, Selma (1915-1987) and Louis Jacobson (1915-2011)


  • Books about Lincoln and Darwin in commemoration of the 200th anniversary of their birth

  • In loving memory of Eric Lawrence Ehrenberg (Jan 7, 1971 – Aug 11, 2008)


  • History and culture of South America and Mexico

  • In memory of Florence and Joseph A. Schwarz


  • Nobel, National Book Award, Booker Prize winners

  • In memory of Florence Schwarz


  • Classics

  • In memory of Joseph A. Schwarz


  • Art History


  • Books on U.S. elections and the political process, as well as young adult titles on social change.

  • In honor of Library Director Susan Currie


  • Children’s books, and for books in the area of media studies

  • In honor of Lena Jo Schwarz Batka (b. October 15, 2013), “a member of the next generation of readers”


  • English classics translated into Chinese, Korean and Japanese, and foreign classics translated into English

  • In honor of family friend and physician, Dr. Robert Breiman


  • Literary classics in English, including European, Non-British, and Latin American authors

  • In Celebration of Our Love of Reading


  • Classics

  • In honor of the 10th Wedding Anniversary of Daniel and Marcia


  • Biographies and Autobiographies

  • In honor of David and Jeffrey Schwarz


  • Large Print Classics

  • In honor of Louis Jacobson


  • American History

  • In honor of Ron and Randy Ehrenberg

Endowed Funds

Endowed Funds generate annual income that is used for growing the collection, training staff, supporting programming, or just about anything you can think of! The assurance that these funds will continue to generate income allow librarians to feel confident ordering material and planning programs and events to excite, entertain, and enrich our community. These are TCPL's current Endowed Funds:

Aneja Family Fund for Staff Development

Established by Raj and Sarla Aneja, the purpose of this fund is to enhance the effectiveness and morale of TCPL staff by providing opportunities for professional development and recognition of outstanding efforts.​

Sanjay Aneja Memorial Book Fund

Established by Raj and Sarla Aneja in memory of their son, Sanjay, this fund is used for books and materials about the current socio-political thought in the United States and India, Indian culture, and children's books about India.​


Emily Willson Bradford Book Fund

Established by Ellis Bradford in memory of his mother, Emily Willson Bradford, this fund focuses on acquisitions in the social sciences.​

Holly G. and William A. Bradford Book Fund

Established by Ellis Bradford in memory of his brother William and in honor of his sister-in-law Holly, this fund is used for acquisitions in technology.​

Staff Development Endowed Fund

Established by Ellis Bradford, this fund enables library professional and support staff to attend conferences, workshops, classes, and other activities​ aimed at enhancing their skills and knowledge.

Youth Services Programming Endowment Fund

Established by Ellis Bradford, this fund provides support for public programs for children, with special emphasis on programs that encourage reading.​

Howard Brentlinger Memorial Book Fund

Established by Jane Brentlinger in memory of her husband, Howard, this fund is used to acquire books in the field of history.​

Phyllis and Charles Brodhead Memorial Endowed Fund

Originally established by Charles Brodhead in memory of his wife, Phyllis, the fund was added to with a bequest upon the death of Charles. The fund is used for books and programming for middle-school-aged and high-school-aged children.​

Celia M. Cogan "Crooks in Books" Mystery Fiction Fund

Established by Elissa G. Cogan and Barry N. Chester, this endowment funds mystery fiction books in hardcover and paperback formats.

Nell B. Currie and Antoinette McNamara Endowed Fund

Established by Susan A. Currie and Christine A. McNamara in memory of their mothers, this fund provides resources for programming and related materials for adults. 

Margaret Johnstone Hilton Children's Endowed Fund

Established by Ronald Hilton in memory of his wife, Margaret Johnstone Hilton, this endowment funds programs for young children that bring together the joys of reading and the visual arts.​

Michael and Carol Kammen Endowed Book Fund

Funds generated by this endowment established by Michael and Carol Kammen provide books on American history and culture.​

Caroline V. and Edward A. Kokkelenberg Endowed Fund

Established in memory of his parents, Edward Kokkelenberg and Janet Steiner have directed these funds to picture books, including both new and classic titles.​

Library Director's Fund

Gifts made upon the retirement of Janet Steiner generate annual income that is used by the Library Director at his or her discretion, in accordance with the mission, goals, and strategic directions of the library.​

Buty Miller Memorial Book Fund

Established with gifts from Robert D. Miller and others in memory of Beulah (Buty) Miller, this fund is used for general acquisitions, with an emphasis on books for young people.​

Clara Nardi Memorial Endowment Fund

Established by Rose George, this fund is used to purchase books related to music, as well as audio-visual music recordings.​

Sustainability Collection Endowed Fund

This fund was anonymously established and covers books in the areas of food and health; gardening and agriculture; green building; nature and environment; politics and social justice; renewable energy; and simple living.​

Ruth Polson Memorial Book Fund

This bequest is used for general acquisitions.​

Dorothy Reddington Memorial Book Fund

Established by the Triad Foundation and others, this fund is used for general acquisitions, with two to three books annually on books about plants, flowers, and trees.​

Hazel Reed Memorial Book Fund

In her bequest that originated this fund, Hazel Reed specified it would be used for books and materials in the field of home economics.​

Peter M. Rinaldo Memorial Endowment Fund

Dorothy Rinaldo established this fund in memory of Peter M. Rinaldo, and it focuses on non-fiction adult books in the fields of science, economics, history, and biography.​

Shayle R. Searle Endowed Fund

In establishing this fund, Mr. Searle specified that its proceeds were to be used for biographies and autobiographies.​

Cindy Sherman Memorial Book Fund

Established by Paul Sherman in memory of his wife, Cindy, this fund is used to purchase books and materials on dogs (wild and domestic), dog training, dog behavior, and canids (wolves, coyotes, etc.).​

Edward J. Thompson Memorial Endowment Fund

Established by Robert and Ellen Fowler and two siblings, this fund is used for books and audiobooks, for the general and youth services collections, in the subject areas of history, nature, and biographies.​

Youth Art Programming Fund

This provides funding for youth art activities and programs.​